Pre Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

Pre-Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

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The Most Advanced Pinewood Derby Axles on the Market – Pre-Bent Pinewood Derby Axles Why do I want my Pinewood Derby axles to be bent?  I thought that made the car slower? We hear these questions all the time. The truth is if the bends are the precise amount and in the correct location they will make your Pinewood Derby car …


Challenger Pinewood Derby Car: Super Fast!!!

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The Derby Monkey Challenger is one of our favorite Xtreme Speed Pinewood Derby car kits. If your Pinewood Derby rules require your car to have the standard BSA wheelbase, or require your car to have the standard BSA axle slots, then this will be the fastest car kit for you. As with all of Derby Monkey’s Xtreme Speed Series cars, the …


Pinewood Derby Winning Combinations

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Many times we’re asked the worn out question… “what all should I buy in order to have a winning car?” Derby Monkey has a unique concept on their website that they call “Proven Winning Combinations“.  This is a special page that consists of five collections of Pinewood Derby car kits and the necessary parts, tools and accessories to build a …

Top 5 Trending Pinewood Derby Products for 2015

Trending Pinewood Derby Products for Upcoming 2015

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As 2014 is winding to a close we are getting a very good picture of what the hot Pinewood Derby related products will be. Derby Worx and Derby Monkey dominate the top five spots. The TOP FIVE Pinewood Derby products for 2015 are as follows: Number 5: Derby Worx Precision Stock BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels – These are official BSA …

Puma Weights

Puma Cub Weight System Most Advance Pinewood Derby Weighting System

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Puma Cub Weight System – Tungsten – 1.75 oz  Most advanced Pinewood Derby Weighting System available… period! Every now and then… there comes a product that blows me away.  This year that product came to me in the form of the most unique Pinewood Derby car weights that I have ever seen. Joseph Puma convinced me that this is definitely …

Black Magic Pinewood Derby Car Kit

More FREE Pinewood Derby Car Designs

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Derby Monkey has added six new free Pinewood Derby car designs plans and templates to its free templates lineup for 2015. Derby Monkey made an unprecedented move one year ago when it started offering free Pinewood Derby car templates on its website.  All other Pinewood Derby retailers make you pay for car plans and templates… not Derby Monkey.  Derby Monkey …