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More FREE Pinewood Derby Car Designs

Free Pinewood Derby Car Designs from Derby Monkey


Derby Monkey has added six new free Pinewood Derby car designs plans and templates to its free templates lineup for 2015. Derby Monkey made an unprecedented move one year ago when it started offering free Pinewood Derby car templates on its website.  All other Pinewood Derby retailers make you pay for car plans and templates… not Derby Monkey.  Derby Monkey owner, Steve Robbins, says that, “we should not make customers pay for car plans and templates, so we’re giving them away”.

Mad Max Free Pinewood Derby Car Design

One new plan/template is a cool looking sports car by the name of Cyclone.  Its easy to build and is very fast.  Derby Monkey is also offering plans for the websites best selling car kit… Mad Max.  Mad Max is a super cool looking car with some sharp custom parts. The other new free Pinewood Derby car designs include the super fast Vortex that require tungsten cylinders.  Tungsten is the very best car weight because it is the most dens weighting material making it the heaviest weight per given size.  The Vortex is extremely fast as well as good looking.  The Major Wedgie car kit has also been a big seller for Derby Monkey… so now its plans are free. Top Fuel B is a very cool looking and super fast machine.  Download these plans and add the engine and header accessory parts and you can easily build a blazing fast derby car.   For a futuristic look… you may like the Phantom.

Check out all of the free Pinewood Derby car designs at Derby Monkey.  Fine one or two that you like and download the free template in a PDF document. Print template. After you print the car templates make sure that the dimensions are to proper scale. Some printers and browsers changer image shape and size. Remember, most Pinewood Derby rules specifically state that your overall car length must be no more than 7” and the car body width, not including wheels, must be no more than 1.75”

Derby Monkey allows you to use the free car designs and templates for your own personal use or for the use of your scout pack or other youth organization. Fee free to print all templates for your scout pack. Please remember that all works in the designs, templates and plans are the sole property of Derby Monkey.

In this world of “sell anything for any amount” is is very refreshing to see a company giving back to the scouting community by offering free Pinewood Derby car designs, plans and templates.  THANK YOU Derby Monkey!!!

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Product Spotlight: Pre Canted and Polished Axles

Until Roger Bannister first broke the 4-minute mile in 1954, many of the experts thought it was impossible due to the limitations of the human body. Once that 4-minute barrier was finally proven to be beatable however, others soon followed; knowing the imaginary limit on speed no longer existed. The same was true before the first airplane broke the sound barrier. Now jet airplanes can travel many times the speed of sound.

When it comes to the speeds achieved by Pinewood Derby cars, things continue to improve each year. With derby cars you’re dealing with two opposing forces: gravity is propelling your vehicle forward while friction is holding it back. By lowering friction you add speed, and one of the best ways to do this is by improving the condition of the wheels and the axles that support them.

The Pre Canted and Polished Axles that you see here are the ultimate in computer-designed, precision-machined Pinewood Derby car axles. They’re made from the ideal material: pure, high-grade stainless steel that’s corrosion-proof, extremely strong and highly polished. They have no crimp marks and will fit perfectly into your axle holes or slots. The inner heads have been designed for minimal wheel-to-axle contact and to provide totally wobble-free wheel roll.

But here’s the best part, and likely the main thing you’re looking for. These axles will make your car run FAST! Three of the four axles have a 2.5° bend for rail riding and the axle heads have been grooved to make minute adjustments with a screwdriver easy to accomplish. The axle shafts, each of which have been highly polished to remove even the smallest imperfections, also contain two special grooves that serve as reservoirs for your lubricant. This allows for more lubricant to be used and also for it to last longer during a derby tournament.

These top-of-the-line axles are a huge improvement over the stock Pinewood Derby axles and, for those who spend the extra money to get them, are well worth the investment because of the additional speed achieved by racers fitted with them. They’re sized on each end to exactly fit official wheel hubs and axle slots (or holes). They’ve been designed to look just like the official BSA axles when they’re in place on your car and they’re completely legal for use in Pinewood Derby competitions. These are among the fastest, most progressive wheel axles available.

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Specialty Pinewood Derby Tools That Make a Difference

Just as successfully competing in any trade or vocation requires access to the proper tools of that trade, successfully building and racing a Pinewood Derby entry has specific tool needs of its own. Many of the tools featured here in the Derby Monkey Specialty Tools section have no other purpose than in building and tuning a Pinewood Derby car, and not having these tools puts a competitor at a decided disadvantage in the race to build the fastest derby car possible. Here are some examples.

The Pro Body Tool II, the most popular tool we sell, is used to ensure the axle holes you’re drilling in your car body are exactly placed, perpendicular to the car’s center line and parallel to each other. This tool helps in making sure the thin drill bit (#44) used for making axle holes are accurately made without deflection. This is something a normal drill press cannot accomplish because of the clearances required. As an alternative, the Revell Axle Alignment Tool can be used to drill perfect axle holes or re-drill existing axle slots. Another option is the Derby Worx Pro Body Jig, voted the “best choice” 2014 for drilling the most accurate Pinewood Derby car axle holes.

The Derby Worx Pro Axle Guide is a precision tool designed to ensure that axles are inserted perfectly into the axle slots on your car and that the ideal wheel-to-body spacing is maintained. It serves a further purpose of adding a supporting surface when axles are being mounted in place, reducing the risk of causing damage to the vulnerable wood surfaces surrounding the axle slots.

For competitors wanting to try a rail rider alignment, which many experts agree can be used to create the very fastest cars by creating a special “bent axle” alignment, we offer both the Pro Rail Rider Tool and the Pro Axle Press II. These two specialty tools must be used in conjunction with one another to utilize the rail riding technique.

The Pro Tool Kit 1 featured here is currently on special and is a great collection of the most frequently used Pinewood Derby tools all in one package. It includes the Body Tool and Axle Guide described above, has an Axle Press, Hub Tool and Hub Shaver plus graphite lubricant, a needle file and comes with a free tool box and handbook explaining rail riding!

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Grooved Pinewood Derby Axles Friction Myth

Grooved Pinewood Derby Axles Friction Myth

Most will agree that the number one enemy to having a fast Pinewood Derby car is friction. Friction is a force that acts to stop the movement of two touching things… and when a Pinewood Derby car races down the track there are a lot of things touching each other.  This touching is from various components of your car rubbing another component.

Usually, the biggest source of friction is the inside of the wheel rubbing the axle. When the car is racing, the inside of the wheel bore is making surface contact with the axle shaft. As the wheel rolls against the axle shaft friction is created… a lot of it.

There are several alignment, preparation and lubrication techniques designed to reduce this particular friction as much as possible.  There are many opinions as to the best way to approach this problem.  Any number of them may be just as effective as the other.  To read some of the most effective friction reducing speed tips see the Free Pinewood Derby Speed Tips offered by Derby Monkey

Our goal is to dispel one of the theories and expose the myth regarding the reduction of the friction cause by the Pinewood Derby wheel and axle contact.

MYTH: Grooved Pinewood Derby Axles Reduce Friction

Many believe that placing one or more grooves all the way around the axle shaft will make the car faster due to the reduction of friction.  It is believed that because there is less wheel bore to axle shaft contact created by the grooves that the friction will be reduced.  In reality… this is simply not the case.

This type of friction on our Pinewood Derby car is largely due to the weight of the car. Let’s say a 5oz car body pushes the car axles down on the lower inside of the wheel bores.  Wherever the axle shafts touch the wheel bores is where all 5oz of the car body’s weight is concentrated.  This weight and surface contact is the cause of the overwhelming majority of the car’s friction.

Now, let’s say we take the very same car and install grooved axles.  When the car rolls the same 5oz body is pushing the grooved axles down onto the inside bores of the wheels.  Since the axles are grooved there is no doubt that there is less surface contact between the wheels and axle shafts.  However, all 5oz of body weight is just concentrated over a smaller area causing the same amount of friction as before.  So the same amount of friction is just distributed over a smaller surface area than the larger surface area in the earlier set up.

The result is… the amount of overall friction is the same regardless if  you have grooved pinewood derby axles or not.  Now, there may be other benefits from grooved axles such as the groves holding graphite.  But that is a story for another day.

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Top 5 Pinewood Derby Fails & How to Avoid Them

Anyone who’s ever competed in a Pinewood Derby race knows the fun and excitement that comes from building and tuning up what they hope will be a winning racer and then finding out if all the effort put into the project actually pays off. While winning isn’t everything, it certainly beats losing! It’s our hope that each derby racer builds a competitive car and has a great time showing it off to their friends on the night of the derby.

To do this, certain rules and regulations must be followed. These rules are set out by the officials running each local area race and may change from one place to another. It’s important to comply with local rules so you don’t get disqualified. It’s also important to follow certain common-sense racing guidelines such as the proper weighting of your car and use of lubricants. Let’s look at a few factors to help you avoid failure.

• Weights – with maximizing your car’s speed as the #1 goal, and knowing that gravity is the source of power you’ll be utilizing, the adding of proper weights and their precise distribution are critical. With Pinewood Derby cars required to be within the five ounce weight limit, you’ll want to add just enough weight to come as close to five ounces as possible without going over. Most weight should be added to the car’s back half, although some may be required in the front to maintain balance. Your weights should be well-secured and not protrude beyond the car’s surface, which would increase wind resistance and drag. You’ll need an accurate scale to assure your car’s weight falls within the 5-ounce requirement.

• Axles – the better your car’s axles are lubricated, the faster it’ll go. This includes polishing your axles to a fine finish and using a quality lube such as Monkey Jam or one of the many graphite products available. Even finely-polished axles will still have microscopic scratches on them and a great way to improve car speed is to imbed graphite into these small blemishes.

• Rule Breaking – each car running in a Pinewood Derby race will be weighed and thoroughly inspected by race officials prior to being allowed to compete. Breaking any of the rules will be grounds for disqualification, so make sure your car conforms to the local requirements. Common infractions include cars that are too heavy, have been built using illegal kits, or lubed with illegal types of lubricant.

• Have Fun! – while winning is an important motivation for most Derby competitors, it certainly shouldn’t be pursued at the expense of having fun with your car-building and racing project. Working with a parent can add to the fun you have and also to the amount of pride both you and your parent will enjoy in a job well done.

• Lube – we already know that proper lube is important and many quality types are available. In order to increase your car’s speed, lube must be used and in the proper amounts – not too much and not too little. Make sure the lube you choose is legal in the local Derby in which you’ll be competing.

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Pinewood Derby Kits & Accessories for Girls

Anyone who’s been in the Boy or Cub Scouts has likely become familiar with the annual running of the Pinewood Derby. An entire Pinewood Derby culture has grown up around this popular race between Scouts who have each built their own miniature cars from blocks of pinewood, often with the help of an involved parent.

These days, you can also buy pre-made cars built to the exact specifications required by each of the local Pinewood Derby race officials. Each year thousands of youngsters become involved in trying to enter the fastest car possible that will hopefully allow them take that dreamed-of trip to the winner’s circle.

Much can be found written online about various aspects of the Pinewood Derby, but rarely do you find anything mentioning that this event is also a favored competition among Girl Scouts too. Even the Pinewood Derby information on Wikipedia makes no mention of the fact that Girl Scouts are also actively involved in their own version of this event. Other community groups like, for example, the worldwide Christian organization Awana, which holds the annual Awana Grand Prix, are also involved in a similar activity.

We’re here to tell you that not only are girls seriously involved in these Derby-type races but that they’re just as competitive as the boys at building fast-moving, speed-demon cars to race!

While the rules may change from one area or group to the next, the fact remains that the winner will be the one who’s able to make their car, powered simply by the force of gravity, reach the finish line first. To do this, you need the right materials, the right know-how and the instinctive ability to put these factors together to produce a winning contender. This means following all the rules that apply to your local race and tweaking your car just right to give it that extra edge over the competition.

Derby Monkey has set aside a portion of our website for Pinewood Derby supplies just for girls. This destination for girls includes car kits, custom pattern kits, special car body skin transfers just for girls and car decals with a certain feminine look.

Besides the designs and patterns that appeal to Pinewood girls, there are certain items that are must-haves for every car, whether its creator is male or female. These include items like axles, wheels, weights and lubrication – all of which are critical whether the car’s owner is a Cub Scout, Girl Scout or member of Awana. After all, gravity, which is the moving force of all Pinewood Derby cars, treats everyone equally. It’s the design of each individual entry that will determine who comes in first and who comes in at the back of the pack. We want to help you win your race and look good while doing so!

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Unique Pinewood Derby Car Design Ideas

Building a Pinewood Derby car is one of the most rewarding projects you can complete.  With a basic wood block, axles and 4 wheels, you can create a speedy car based on physics principals or make a unique car with a lot of personal touch and creativity. While creating a winning Pinewood Derby car comes with accolades we would like to highlight some of the more exotic and wild Pinewood Derby car designs out there!

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Create your favorite sea friend with a Spongebob Squarepants Derby kit. Spongebob’s low-profile makes the ideal aerodynamic design, so you’ll see your car fly into first place. The kit’s precision cut laser body, axles and wheels abide by all the BSA Official Rules. Simply affix the car parts, and the perfectly designed yellow sponge decal, and watch Spongebob come alive at your next derby.

May the Force Be With You

You’ll feel like your derby racer is from outer space with the Jedi-inspired Star Cruiser car kit. With decals that mimic the Jedi Cruiser from the Star Wars movies, this Pinewood Derby car design will fly at light speed!  The basic Jedi Star Cruiser Kit comes with a pre-cut body, Jedi stickers, tungsten cubes for added weight and instructions.

I’m Batman

Keep Gotham City safe and secure by creating your Pinewood Derby Batmobile Car Kit. This unique Pinewood Derby car kit is made with one thing in mind, speed! The pre-cut body ensures the proper weight placement, center mass and aerodynamics to win your next Pinewood Derby, and look cool while doing it! Leave The Joker, Catwoman and Bane in the dust with the only Pinewood Derby car Wayne Enterprises would put its name on!

Free Your Mind

Although prefabricated kits are fun and perfect if you’re short on time, your artistic creativity and imagination are squashed!  Buy a basic pinewood block kit to let your imagination take over!  Cut and sand the wood to engineer a fast and aerodynamic car, then paint or design the car with any color scheme you like. Even decals can be applied to the wood for a personalized design. Keep the creativity flowing with decorative additions, but try to keep a streamlined appearance. Wind still needs to flow unimpeded across the surface. Doesn’t this iPod inspired derby car look cool?

Derby car racing is one of the perks of being a kid. Select your favorite kit or basic block to create the next best racer. You’ll want to build as many as possible to show your creative side. Whatever route you choose to go is fine; just make sure you’re having fun!

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Derby Monkey Spotlight: Atomic Wedgie Pinewood Derby Car Kit

When a sailboat racing team wins a regatta with a boat that’s identical to all the others, like in the Olympics, it’s obvious that their sailing technique plays a big part in the victory. In Pinewood Derby racing all the cars aren’t the same but, even if two cars are created from identical car-build kits, the building techniques used by the winner makes a big difference. This is what will give the racer an edge to reach the winner’s circle.

Of course, it never hurts to have a blazingly fast car kit to start with and the Cub Series Atomic Wedgie featured here is a perfect answer to that need for speed. It’s affordably priced so as not to bust your budget and yet contains everything needed to build a blisteringly fast beauty that’s just begging to beat the other boys’ toys. The wedge shape provides exceptional aerodynamics with its low-profile, knife-cutting performance. It’s been pre-cut for shape, pre-drilled for weights and pre-slotted for the axles. Everything is there in the Atomic Wedgie Kit, including official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels and axles.

This model uses a standard BSA Pinewood Derby wheelbase and axle slots and meets official dimension requirements. In other words, all the tough stuff has been taken care of for you, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still be able to enjoy putting everything together, painting it up, applying the decals and fine-tuning this car’s driving characteristics to be the best it can be. That means making sure everything is properly placed, balanced, lubed up and free to fly at top speed.

Why Buy an Atomic Wedgie Pinewood Derby Car Kit?

Some Scouts want to start from scratch building their Pinewood Derby entry from the ground up, starting with a basic block of pinewood and doing all the cutting, sanding, painting, drilling and building. We respect that, and know that the experience gained will go a long way toward developing valuable skills in designing, woodworking, using tools and more.

For some entering a car in the Pinewood Derby, doing it all by selecting each individual part and putting everything together is what it’s all about. Here at Derby Monkey we have hundreds of different items from which to choose in pursuit of that dream.

For most, though, the dream is to build a car that has a chance of taking the lead and finishing while looking good. That’s why most contestants go with a car kit that has the body already pre-cut, has the axle slots or holes in the exact place they need to be to provide maximum efficiency, has the best wheels already selected and even has the proper weights to produce the ideal center of gravity. When you choose the Atomic Wedgie you get this and more, and all at a price you can easily afford!

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Pinewood Derby, Car Show, Book Sale, Spaghetti Supper, Auction, Railroad Junction Day

Molino – Pinewood Derby And Car Show
There will be a Pinewood Derby and Car Show on Saturday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Highland Baptist Church in Molino. Races begin at 9:30 a.m. with classes from pre-k to fifth grade. Cars will be judged and awards given.  The Open Car Show begins with registration ($25) at 8 a.m. with judging beginning at 9 a.m. Trophies awarded at 2 p.m. to the top 40 vehicles. The church is located at 6240 North Highway 95A in Molino.

Friends of the Library Book Sale 
Fall Used Book Sale for Friends of the West Florida Public Library at the Downtown Pensacola Public Library, 239 N. Spring St. Hours: Saturday, 9 a.m.-5p.m., and Sunday, noon- 3p.m., $5 bag sale. Free admisssion. Used books of all kinds, hard cover, soft cover, and paperbacks; DVD’s, CD’s, magazines, puzzles. All profits benefit the West Florida Public Library system.

Flomaton – Railroad Junction Day 
Railroad Junction Day will be held Saturday, September 28 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Flomaton Community Center and Lions Club Park in Flomaton, Ala. There will be entertainment, various food and craft vendors in the park, and a model train display in the community center. Turtle Point Environmental Center will be open with a “Birds of Prey” demonstration and antique car show in the parking lot. The Flomaton Public Library will host severa speakers and the Flomaton Area Railroad Museum, log cabin and caboose will be open.

Walnut Hill – Spaghetti Supper And Auction 
The Walnut Hill Ruritan Club will hold a spaghetti supper and auction Saturday, September 28. The supper is from 4-6 p.m. and the auction begins at 6 p.m. at the Walnut Hill Community Center, 7850 Highway 97.

For more info go to:

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