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Fast Pinewood Derby Tips (FPDT) is an informational website packed full of free tips and secrets on how to build a super fast Pinewood Derby car.

Let’s face it, Pinewood Derby racing has become extremely competitive. Like it or not, there are many dads and lads that want to win at all cost. They spend big money and many hours on preparation and study to build a fast car. So you are left to lead, follow or get out of the way.

There are a lot of techniques, tricks and secrets to make a small wood car go fast. If you don’t know them then your chances of winning are slim. If you are serious about winning then this website is for you. These pages are full of quality information at absolutely no cost to you.

On the lighter side, there are many humorous and inspirational stories on Pinewood Derby experiences. Feel free to send us your story and we’ll publish it on FPDT.

This free site is sponsored by Derby Monkey so whenever you get a chance please pay them a visit.

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