Specialty Pinewood Derby Tools That Make a Difference

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Just as successfully competing in any trade or vocation requires access to the proper tools of that trade, successfully building and racing a Pinewood Derby entry has specific tool needs of its own. Many of the tools featured here in the Derby Monkey Specialty Tools section have no other purpose than in building and tuning a Pinewood Derby car, and …

Build a Pinewood Derby Car in 24 Hours

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This is a super cool video on how this guy built a Pinewood Derby car in 24 hours.  It is basically a pine platform with a Legos Star Wars space craft on top.  It looks awesome.  This might give you an idea on how to build your next Pinewood Derby Car.

Tips for Making a Fast Pinewood Derby Car

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Does your pinewood derby car have a need for speed? If so, then you’ll need to take the right steps in order to maximize your car’s speed. Here are some helpful tips to turn your pinewood car into a speed demon: 1. Sand and polish the axles and wheels. You don’t need a PhD in physics to know that friction …