Pre Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

Pre-Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

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Pre Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

Pre Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

The Most Advanced Pinewood Derby Axles on the Market – Pre-Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

Why do I want my Pinewood Derby axles to be bent?  I thought that made the car slower? We hear these questions all the time. The truth is if the bends are the precise amount and in the correct location they will make your Pinewood Derby car much faster.

The NEW Pre-Bent Derby Worx Viper Stainless Steel 2-Groove Axles are the most advanced Pinewood Derby axles on the market. They are exactly like our Derby Worx Viper Stainless Steel Speed Axles but these axles are precisely pre-bent (canted) with a 2.5 degree bend in order to decrease friction and increase speed!

Typically, both rear axles are bent so that the wheels will migrate away from the car body in order to eliminate the wheel to body friction and increase speed. The dominant front axle is also bent so that you can easily adjust the alignment of the car to either roll perfectly straight or to turn the car into a Rail Rider and significantly improve speed.These super fast axles come already bent so that you can quickly and easily install and blow the doors off of the competition.
You will also receive an instruction manual that explains how to install and adjust these axles in order to optimize performance.

These pre-bent axles have even more features. We don’t call these “the most advanced Pinewood Derby axles on the market” for nothing. The axle shaft on these axles are slightly larger in diameter in order to more closely match the diameter of the inside of the wheel bores.  This greatly reduces the wheel wobble that you get with standard axles… thus increasing speeds.

Pre-Bent Pinewood Derby Axles

Pre-Bent Stainless Steel Pinewood Derby Axles

OLD PROBLEM: The official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels and axles simply do not fit each other very well at all. The wheel bore is much larger than the diameter of the axle shaft. This creates a sloppy fit and causes the wheels to wobble as the car races down the track. This wheel wobble severely decreases speed.

NEW SOLUTION: These Pre-Bent Pinewood Derby Axles are the answer. Not only are they pre-bent to help you reduce friction but they also fit the inside of the wheel bores better. The upper axle shaft diameter is .093” to make a perfect fit to the BSA Pinewood Derby wheel hub. The lower shaft is .088” in diameter to fit both drilled axle holes and standard BSA Pinewood Derby axle slots. The axles are highly polished to a super slick sheen. These axles virtually eliminate all wheel wobble and highly reduces friction thus greatly improving the car’s speed.

OK… this sound great… right? Well the features don’t stop there.  These axles come highly polished and also have grooves to serve as lubrication reservoirs and to reduce wheel to axle contact. Not everyone agrees on the potential advantages of grooved axles but everyone agrees that they don’t hurt. The best thing about grooved axles is that the grooves act as graphite reservoirs so more graphite can be applied and released during a race.

Oh yes… they’re stainless steel too. They are very hard and rigid… they will never rust or corrode.

Almost forgot to mention… these axles come with a detailed instruction manual on how you can install and adjust these axles.  You can adjust the alignment so that the car rolls perfectly straight or turn your car into a Rail Rider for some super high speeds.

These are no doubt “the most advanced Pinewood Derby axles on the market”.  Get yours today at DERBY MONKEY.


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