Challenger Pinewood Derby Car: Super Fast!!!

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The Derby Monkey Challenger is one of our favorite Xtreme Speed Pinewood Derby car kits. If your Pinewood Derby rules require your car to have the standard BSA wheelbase, or require your car to have the standard BSA axle slots, then this will be the fastest car kit for you. As with all of Derby Monkey’s Xtreme Speed Series cars, the body design, weight placement, center of gravity, alignment and aerodynamics are all optimized for top performance. Its super sleek design and great looks will have your competitors turning their heads when it enters the room and shaking their heads when it leaves.

This Challenger meets all BSA Pinewood Derby regulations. It comes with the standard BSA wheelbase location and is available with precision drilled axle holes or standard BSA axle slots. Get the complete Easy-to-Build kit with all necessary components to build a precision engineered racing machine and blow the door off the competition.


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