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Derby Monkey 2 - Pinewood Derby Designs

Derby Monkey Garage has added several new features to its website. One of the most popular is its page of free Pinewood Derby templates. There are more than dozen sets of templates and design ideas for some super cool looking and blazing fast derby cars.

Derby Monkey believes that some things in life should still be free… including derby car templates and ideas.  Why pay for something that should be free?  After all this is for Cub Scouts… Right?

Coming up with an idea on how to build your new Pinewood Derby car can sometimes be a challenge. Then after you come up with an idea… how do you transform this idea onto the block of wood? Using the free Pinewood Derby car templates complimentary of Derby Monkey you can quickly and easily trace the car design onto your blank canvas and start transforming the chunk of wood into a racing masterpiece.

There are templates for a Batmobile, Dragster, Funnycar, Arrow, Police Car, Skateboard, Military Humvee and many more. The list is continuing to grow so keep checking back for the newest super-fast and great looking design.

You will still need some wood cutting and shaping tools. Derby Monkey has that. Your new car may need paint, decals and some custom accessory parts. Derby Monkey has that too. Then you may need some super-fast Pinewood Derby wheels and axles or the ProMax Axle Polishing kits. Derby Monkey has all of that. As a matter of fact, they have more than 500 Pinewood Derby items. Derby Monkey Garage is a derby car superstore containing everything you need to build a district caliber car and blow the doors off the competition.

So, go to and check out their new line of free car templates and their complete line of derby car kits, parts, tools and supplies.

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You’ll be glad you did.