What is the best Pinewood Derby Lube?

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What is the best Pinewood Derby Lube?


Every derby racer wants to know what is the best and fastest Pinewood Derby lubrication.


The best lubrication may or may not be legal for any particular race.  The BSA does not have a standard set of rules that must be followed by all scout packs.  So, lubrications rules may vary from one pack to another.


The fastest lubrication for a Pinewood Derby car is a super thin oil called Krytox GPL 100.  This is a super slick oil developed and produced by DuPont.  This is a highly-refined synthetic thin-film lubricant with an ultra-low viscosity. When Krytox is properly applied it easily outperforms any dry lubrication including graphite.


Krytox is also very kind to your nice paint job. Graphite will permanently stain a light color paint job but Krytox will not.


If using oil such as Krytox: Less is Best… Place two small drops on the axle shaft.  Place the axle in the wheel bore and spin the wheel several times.  Remove wheel.  Wipe off excess oil from the axle.


The problem is that many pack rules do not allow any type of liquid lubrication. So that forces you to use a dry lubricant like graphite.  There is a huge variety of Pinewood Derby graphite lubricants on the market today.  Its difficult to make an inelegant choice on what graphite to use.  Different graphites come in various particle sizes and some contain additives such as molybdenum.


An example of a quality 100% pure graphite is Monkey Dust.  This is a secret formula of natural and pure industrial grade graphite powders that create a tremendously low coefficient of friction.  The Monkey Dust micro-fine graphite particles are designed with special properties allowing them to form a super slick dry film that adhere to wheels and axles to significantly diminish friction. The results are longer lasting graphite and a much greater speeds.

This specially formulated graphite has been used by thousands of Pinewood Derby racers nation wide… and Monkey Dust consistently brings cars home in first place.

On the other hand, a quality graphite containing performance additives is DerbyMax Graphite with Molybdenum.  This lubricant consists of a fine, specially ground formula prepared with molybdenum. The Molybdenum stabilizer has a very low coefficient of friction and when mixed in the correct proportions enhance the lubricating effects of the graphite.  Many tests have proven DerbyMax Graphite with Molybdenum to be the best available.


If using graphite: More is Best… Pack the wheel bore with graphite.  Place the axle in the wheel bore and spin the wheel several times.  Then pack the wheel bore with graphite again. Reinstall the axle and mount the axles wheel on the car.


Pinewood Derby Lube


So, which graphite is best? Is molybdenum an important additive to have?  Tests are unclear.  Many racers are convinced that a graphite fortified with molybdenum outperforms any other dry lubricant.  Others can produce test results that show the opposite.  When it comes down to it just use a good lubrication that you feel confident with.  Monkey Dust and DerbyMax Graphite are both excellent choices.