Extended Wheelbase on your Pinewood Derby Car

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Question: How important is it to extend the wheel base?  Does it make a big difference or is it like 1/1000th of a second difference or so. Just wondering, as I was going to do that last year but didn’t as I wanted to make sure the axle grooves would still be perfectly lined up and not crooked.

Answer: Extending the wheelbase is VERY important if the rules allow.  Extending the wheelbase ads stability to the car to help keep it from bouncing from side to side.

Also, its very difficult to keep axles perfectly straight and parallel with each other when using axle grooves.  Drilled axle holes is much better.  However, if you drill axle holes then you must make sure that the holes are perfectly straight and parallel to each other.

It is very important that you pay special attention to detail.  I recommend that you not reject a technique if its only going to save you 1/1000th of second.  Several tricks added together will add up.  Plus…  We have no clue how much preparation the district winners are putting in.  Neither do we know how much additional efforts the dads are putting in that you beat at the pack level last year.

So, I recommend that you do everything … every little trick and techniques, that you can do to legally make your car faster.

Thanks again… and good luck.

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