Pinewood Derby Cars Teach Important Lessons To Kids

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One of the joys of a young person’s life is often things that they did themselves. Things like learning to ride a bike and the Pinewood Derby. The really nice thing about the Pinewood Derby is that it teaches a youngster how to make something from nothing. It allows them to use design skills and to show themselves by making something from scratch and turning it into an extension of themselves. They design it and build it from the ground up.

It gives the child a chance to handle some problem solving by figuring out how to make it better and faster and sleeker as they go through the process. It teaches lots of skills and helps to promote a healthy environment of sportsmanlike conduct that can set the pace by setting the seeds and nurturing them for how they will behave and act later in life.

Revell Military Racer Pinewood Derby Car Kit

Revell Military Racer Pinewood Derby Car Kit

If the child has a parent or other adult authority figure that is interested, then it also allows the parent to get heavily involved and build a bond with the child that can potentially last a lifetime. It will teach both the child and the adult something about themselves and the other person. It gives lessons that will follow the youngster into adulthood and give them a significant head start on the other children that do not get this experience.

Building Pinewood Derby Cars is not so much about the trials and tribulations as it is about the car. It is not about winning or losing; it is about teaching lifelong lessons at an early age when kids are more impressionable and able to see that actions get reactions.

It starts by either purchasing a Pinewood Derby car kit that has pre-cut pieces that the child can then customize and put together as they wish, or he can literally start with a block of pine and cut and sand it to the shape that he wants the car to be. From there, he can finish the car in any way using special color schemes and wheels and axels. There are some basic rules that apply to the cars themselves. Much like NASCAR, thereare things that you can and cannot do when building these things. These rules are designed to keep the competition fair and to assure that each of the children has a chance to design a vehicle and win based upon a standardized set of specifications that make it a matter of design skill against design skill rather than finding ways around the rules to make things easier.

Most young men recall the time spent with their father building a Pinewood Derby car as some of the more cherished memories of their pre-pubescent years. It is these years where children learn right and wrong and the Pinewood Derby experience can keep a child off of the streets and busy doing something that is good for them.Something that will give them fond memories that will last for the rest of their lives.