Pinewood Derby Winning Combinations

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Many times we’re asked the worn out question… “what all should I buy in order to have a winning car?”

Derby Monkey has a unique concept on their website that they call “Proven Winning Combinations“.  This is a special page that consists of five collections of Pinewood Derby car kits and the necessary parts, tools and accessories to build a winning car.

If a customer purchases all items of a particular collection they will receive an automatic 5% discount at checkout.

So, a Pinewood Derby car builder can purchase one of these proven winning combinations and build a winner… as long as they follow the requirements for building, prepping, polishing and lubricating as explained on the Derby Monkey website on their FREE Pinewood Derby Speed Tips section. If you want to build a really fast Pinewood Derby car there are several factors that you must pay special attention too. That’s what will be address on this section.

There are six major factors that influence the speed of a Pinewood Derby car. Pay close attention to all six of these and you can build a winning car.

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