Pinewood Derby Ultimate Speed Kit

The Ultimate Pinewood Derby Car Speed Kit

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Pinewood Derby Ultimate Speed Kit

Pinewood Derby Ultimate Speed Kit

In order to create a top speed Pinewood Derby car that will compete with the fastest cars in the pack a builder need the right tools and supplies.  There are numerous fine tuning factors that must be addressed such as axle and wheel preparation and lubrication. For the average Pinewood Derby builder/racer it can become very confusing as to what to buy to prepare their car to be a super fast racer.  It would be extremely helpful if there was an all inclusive kit that offers the exact products needed to eliminate the confusion.  Derby Monkey has addressed this issue by assembling the ideal speed kit. The Derby Monkey Ultimate Speed Kit consists of the tools and supplies needed to fine tune your Pinewood Derby car into a super fast racing machine.

This exclusive kit contains the following

– ProMax Axle Polishing Kit: This hi-performance axle polishing kit consists of a total of 10 sheets of Extra Fine Wet-Dry Sandpaper and 3M Ultra-Fine Polishing Sheets. Also included is a jar Monkey Jam Premium Axle Polish, one micro-fiber polishing cloth and instructions on how to put a super fine polish on your Pinewood Derby axles.

– Speed Boost Wheel Bore Treatment Combo: The Derby Monkey Speed Boost Wheel Bore Treatment Combo includes the Pinewood Derby wheel bore polish, wax and tools all in one kit. This 3-step process will place a super slick finish on the inside of your wheel bore eliminating as much fiction as possible. The Micro-Polish Liquid Abrasive (Micro-Gloss) is used to polish the inside of the wheel bore where the axle goes through the hole. It can also be used to polish axles and the side of the car body where the wheel may rub. The Micro-Finish Wheel Bore Polish is an ultra fine liquid polish and should be used after Micro-Gloss. This will place an ultra fine polish on the wheel bore for the ultimate friction free surface. The Derby Worx Pro-Bore Wax takes wheel bore treatment to a whole new level. This wax will put a mirror-like shine on the wheel bore, reducing friction and improving performance. The Derby Worx Pro-Bore Polisher is the tool used to insert in a drill and hold the pipe cleaner applicator to polish the bores. Laboratory testing has proven that waxing the wheel bores will significantly improve the performance of your Pinewood Derby car. Using the Speed Boost Wheel Bore Treatment Combo will greatly reduce the coefficient of friction, allowing the wheels to spin more freely.

Silver Bullet Premium Racing Graphite: This stuff is specially designed for the serious Pinewood Derby competitor! This fine powder graphite has been laboratory tested for extreme performance. Silver Bullet is made of a special blend of hi-grade graphite particles that boosts your car’s speed. A fantastic features of this graphite is the stainless steel needle applicator. This allows for the precision placement of lubricant to those hard to reach places.

– Center of Gravity Stand: This useful tool allows you to quickly and easily find the center of gravity of your Pinewood Derby car without rulers or pencils. Instructions and tips included.

Pinewood Derby Wheel Gap and Clearance Gauge:  This is a simple yet extremely useful little tool. This helpful tool allows you to properly set the gap between the wheel and the car body when the axles and wheels are being installed. If the wheel to body gap is not properly set it could create unwanted friction due to the wheel rubbing the body. This gauge will help you eliminate that problem.

This kit also includes instructions on how to prepare your car to get the most out of it. Visit Derby Monkey and check out their more than 500 Pinewood Derby related items.