Top 5 Trending Pinewood Derby Products for 2015

Trending Pinewood Derby Products for Upcoming 2015

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As 2014 is winding to a close we are getting a very good picture of what the hot Pinewood Derby related products will be. Derby Worx and Derby Monkey dominate the top five spots.

The TOP FIVE Pinewood Derby products for 2015 are as follows:

Number 5: Derby Worx Precision Stock BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels – These are official BSA wheels that are precision machined on the outside and will meet any rule book. These wheels can be raced without any additional preparation.

Number 4: Derby Worx Pro Axle Bender – This is the absolute best axle bending tool available anywhere. You can now easily get a precise bend every time. The Pro Axle Bender can bend Official BSA Pinewood Derby Axles to any angle between 1/2 and 8 degrees. Axle bending allows rear wheels to run canted, and/or the front dominant axle to be aligned for rail-riding or straight alignment. Accurate alignment is a major factor to producing a fast pinewood derby car. Derby Monkey indicates that they cannot keep them on the shelves… they sell out as quick as they can get them.

Number 3: Derby Monkey G-Force Pinewood Derby Car Kit – For the last 4 years in a row, Derby Monkey has claimed this to not only be their fastest car kit but also the fastest Pinewood Derby car kit on the market. The body style, center of gravity and aerodynamics are designed to achieve top speeds. The car body is cut with a CNC guided laser to ensure perfect symmetry, accuracy and balance. The kit comes with 4 oz of tungsten to ensure a very aggressive center of gravity in order to help make this an extremely blazing fast car.  The G-Force has literally won hundreds of district and pack derbies.

Number 2: Pre-Bent Stainless Steel 2-Groove Axles –  Derby Monkey has takes the wicked fast Derby Worx Viper Grooved Stainless Steel Pinewood Derby Axles and placed a 2.5 degree bend in the axle shaft.  These axles are for the racer who wants canted wheels but do not want to bend there own axles. The set comes with three bent axles and one unbent.  It also comes with a detailed instruction manual on how the builder can install and fine tune these axles in order to decrease friction on the rear wheels.  They will also be instructed how to adjust the front dominant wheel to either make the car roll perfectly strait or to turn the can into a Rail Rider to achieve optimum speed.

Number 1: Derby Worx Pro Ultra Lite BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels – The wheels definitely deserve their position as the number 1 Pinewood Derby product for 2015. These are no doubt the fastest Pinewood Derby wheels on the market. These are official BSA wheels that are precision CNC machined with True Track Tread and reduced in weight to only 1 gram each. Extensive testing has proven that these are the fastest BSA wheels. These wheels can be raced without any additional preparation. These round and smooth Pro Ultra Lite wheels roll much faster than standard wheels. Weight reduction provides a faster start because of low start up inertia and improves the balance of the wheel for a stable and faster ride. Each wheel has a beveled hub reduces the rubbing and braking when the wheel hub contacts the car body.

So there you have it… the most trending Pinewood Derby products for the new year.  Now, please check your local Pinewood Derby race rules before ordering any product for your car.  Determine exactly what cars, kits, components and configurations are legal for your particular race.Pinewood Derby rules differ from one pack to another… and from one district to another. What may be legal in one pack may not be legal in another.