Puma Weights

Puma Cub Weight System Most Advance Pinewood Derby Weighting System

Derby Monkey 6 - Pinewood Derby Weight

Puma Cub Weight System – Tungsten – 1.75 oz

 Most advanced Pinewood Derby Weighting System available… period!

Puma Weights

Puma Weighting System for Pinewood Derby Cars

Every now and then… there comes a product that blows me away.  This year that product came to me in the form of the most unique Pinewood Derby car weights that I have ever seen. Joseph Puma convinced me that this is definitely the way to go if you want a serious edge over the competition.

Developed by Joseph Puma… the Puma Cub Weights represent the most advanced weighting system in Pinewood Derby car racing today. Nothing else even comes close.

This system comes with two tungsten weights. Each weight weighs 25 grams (approx 0.88 oz) each for a total of 50 grams (approx 1.76 oz). It also comes with a centering tool and a detailed instruction manual on how to install these weights to help you build a blazing fast racing machine.

Each weight is mounted (glued) to the side of the car and hanging downward below the bottom of the car body so that when the rear wheels are mounted each weight fits into the hollow part of the wheel. When the car is rolling, the wheels rotate around the weights but do not touch them at all. The weights are designed to fit Official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels.


  • Short Center of Gravity: The Puma Cub Weights help you to maintain a short center of gravity (COG) by getting most of the weight toward the back of the car. The shorter the COG the faster the car will be. This additional speed is a result of the heaviest part of the car falling farther than the lightest part before it reaches the flat part of the track.
  • Low Center of Mass: These weights also help you to maintain a lower center of mass (COM). The COM is extremely low because most of the weight is positioned to the extreme sides and below the car body. This translates to less rocking back and forth on the back wheels, which results in a smoother ride with less loss of energy.
  • Less Wind Turbulence: Because theses weights fill the open cavity of the rear wheels less air turbulence can invade the wheel wells decreasing valuable speed.

These weights can be used on cars with drilled axle holes or standard BSA axle slots. They can also be used with enhanced or pure stock Official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels.These weights satisfies BSA Pinewood Derby rules regarding weighting, track clearance and overall car dimensions. Its always wise to check your local rules to determine what components are permitted.

The Puma Weighting System is available at www.DerbyMonkey.com